The Lamar Rifles

School Involvement

The Lamar Rifles pride themselves on their community involvment. One way they stay involved is by presenting at schools around the St. Louis area.

Our Basic Presentation:

Our members will present in a variety of impressions. Some of our impressions are Eastern Confederate (11th Mississippi), Western Confederate, Eastern Federal (6th Wisconsin), Western Federal, and the Missouri State Guard (Confederate). We start out with the life of the common soldier during the Civil War. What was the soldier like and what were his daily duties in the army? How often was he engaged in battle and what did he do while he was in camp? We bring numerous uniforms and other gear that was typical of that used by the infantry and explain their functions. Also, we usually pick volunteers from the audience and dress them in the uniform and accoutrements as we explain them. Most of the items we bring are set out on blankets for the students to view.

Our Presentation at Russell Elementary
Our Presentation at Russell Elementary School


We can also do our presentations inside or outside. We usually begin with a presentation in the gymnasium or cafeteria, and then go to individual classrooms to answers questions from the students. When outside we can set up a camp scene with tents and a fire to cook period rations. Firing demonstrations are optional but are always popular with the students.

Explaining the Manual of Arms
Explaining the Manual of Arms

Some Schools We Have Presented At:

Hazelwood East High School Hazelwood West High School
Hazelwood Middle School Russell Elementary School
North County Christian School Living Word Christian School
Rockwood Valley Middle School Rockwood Summit High School
Green Pines Elementary Maplewood-Richmond Heights Elementary School
Mascoutah High School Wildwood Middle School
Wentzville South Elementary School Wentzville South Middle School

Firing Demonstration
Firing Demonstration


Donations are not required but are appreciated. All of the donations go towards our monthly newsletters, event registrations and ration issues. Any excess money we acquire is donated to historical preservation such as battlefield acquisition or battlefield markers.

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