The Lamar Rifles

Forming the Company

Over the past few years we have changed the way we form our Company for the first time in the morning. It seems that we did it differently each time we got together. The following procedure will now be used. This is taken from Gilhams Manual and is the preferred method of the Battalion.

The Captain will command the 1st Sgt. to form the Company at a given spot. The 1st Sgt. will then move to that position and command:

Company G,
Fall In.

The company will form from right to left, faced to the right, in order of height with the tallest man on the far right. The 1st Cpl. will always be the second man in line next to the man on the right. The 2nd Cpl. will either be the last man on the left, when we have an even number, or the second to last man when we have an odd number. The Sgt.'s will inspect the line and make adjustments, placing new recruits in what will become the front rank (every even man, 2, 4, 6…etc).

When the line is set, the 1st Sgt. will command:

In Two Ranks, Form Company.
Company Left Face,

At the command "Left Face" the Company will face to the left, still in one rank. EXCEPT for the 2nd Cpl., He will remain faced to the front. At the command "March" the man to the right of the 2nd Cpl. will step behind him and face to the front. The next man, 3rd man, will step next to the 2nd Cpl. And face to the front. The 4th man will step behind the 3rd man and face to the front. The Company will continue to form as such while moving by the left flank.

When the formation is complete, the 2nd Sgt. will take his place as the left guide.

The 1st Sgt. will then command:

Eyes Right,
In Each Rank,
Count Two's

After the Company has counted off, the 1st Sgt. will break the Company into platoons, sections, and comrades of four. He will then commence with roll call.




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