The Lamar Rifles

Flag of the Lamar Rifles

Replica of the "Lamar Rifles" militia flag, the first flag presented to the unit by the Ladies of Oxford, Mississippi in March of 1861. The original flag is on display in the Mississippi State Archives flag collection.

Lamar Rifles Flag
Front side of the "Lamar Rifles" flag
Lamar Rifles Flag
"Reverse" side of the "Lamar Rifles" flag

Flags of the 11th Mississippi

First 11th Mississippi Battle Flag. Sewn by the Ladies of Crawford, Mississippi, this flag was retired shortly after the Battle of First Manassas

First Battle Flag

Second 11th Mississippi Battle Flag. Captured in the corn field at Sharpsburg.
Battle honors: Manassas

Second Battle Flag

Third 11th Mississippi Battle Flag. Captured at Bryan's Barn, Battle of Gettysburg, July 3rd, 1863.
Battle honors (clockwise, from top): Manassas, Gaines Farm, Malvern Hill, and Seven Pines

Third Battle Flag

Forth and last battle flag of the 11th Mississippi. Used after the Battle of Gettysburg until captured at Hatcher's Run, 1865.
Battle honors (clockwise from top): Manassas & Seven Pines, Manassas No. 2 & Boonsboro, Sharpsburg & Gettysburg, Gaines Farm & Malvern Hill.

Forth Battle Flag


Flag of Mississippi

This was the flag the state of Mississippi adopted after seceding from the United States in 1861.

Mississippi Flag





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