The Lamar Rifles


2019 Event Schedule

** denotes Battalion event
February 2
Company Social & Swap Meet Edwardsville, IL
March 23
Company Drill
Jefferson Barracks, MO
April 12-14 Great Battle Stands ** Pinckneyville, IL
May 17-19 Tactical Kingston, MO
June 22-23 Company Live Fire Competition TBD
July 13-14 Civil War Days Wauconda, IL
August 3-4 Battle of Athens Athens, MO
September 7-8 Homestead Harvest Days Living History Highland, IL
September 13-15 Greentree Festival Living History Kirkwood, MO
October 4-6 Shenandoah 1864 ** Lovettsville, VA
November 1-3 Battle of Mill Springs Nancy, KY
December 14
Elections and Drill
Missouri Civil War Museum @JB


Chickamauaga 1999
Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia 1999

Secondary Events

April 5-7 Assult on Fort Blakeley Mobile AL
May 4-5 Civil War Days Morton, IL
August 16-18 Herritage Days Galesburg, IL
September 20-22 Battle of Spotsylvania & Yellow Tavern Van Raalte Farm, MI
Oct 19-20 Civil War Encampment and Battle Hainsville, IL



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