The Lamar Rifles


1. Field Cleaning Your Musket

2. Fix Bayonet!

3. The Cold Steel

4. Making Authentic Cartridges

5. Period Paper Cartridges

6. Forming the Company

7. On the Right By Files Into Line

8. Rest, Rest, Rest and Rest!

9. Haversack Rations

10. Confederate Receipt Book

11. Tenting Tonight?

12. Boxes From Home

13. The Campaigner's Manifesto

14. The Dirty Dozen

15. A Dozen Inexpensive Ways To Improve Your Impression

16. Hints to Campaigners

17. Hints on Campaign Camping From Those Who Really Did It

18. Soldiers on the Campaign

19. Etiquette

20. First Person Impressions that Peak Curiosity

21. The Art of First Person Conversation

22. Immersion Language

23. A 19th Century Slang Dictionary

24. The Time Traveller's Vade Mecum

25. Men's Attire in the 1860's

26. Period Games of Chance




Captain Paul Turnbull
Captain Turnbull at Franklin, TN

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