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One-hundred and ten years after the unit fought its last battle, Company G of the 11th Mississippi was re-activated. It was formed in 1975 by dedicated historians of the American Civil War who wanted to share their knowledge with others who had similar interests. Based in the St. Louis, Missouri Metro area, the unit has retained the nickname, "Lamar Rifles".

Since 1975, the company has grown in membership and reputation. Thirty-four years of experience and hard work has made Company G one of the most established and enduring living history organizations re-enacting the Civil War. The unit boasts a very diverse membership. Company G is comprised of members that live throughout the US, calling home mainly in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, and who are employed in a multitude of occupations from college student to corporate executive. Monthly attendance at Civil War re-enacting events is the norm for the unit, and members have participated in gatherings from Missouri to Pennsylvania, and from Michigan to Georgia. Members of Comapny G of the 11th Mississippi have even taken part in the film productions of "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals."

The Lamar Rifles stress authenticity to the Civil War period of 1861-1865. The uniform target date is July 1st, 1863, the start of the Battle of Gettysburg. This target date was just after the original 11th Mississippi was re-supplied with new uniforms. Therefore, our uniforms are primarily a dark Richmond gray color, cut in the Richmond Depot II style.

Layne Chartrand and Company

Company G is currently very active in both battle and military drill demonstrations for the public, as well as living history encampments. Some members also provide demonstrations and instruction to local schools and civic groups on the southern Civil War soldier's life. Both the unit and individual members have won numerous awards for authenticity of uniforms, precision in tactics and drill, and in the tradition of the original unit, as marksmen.

The 11th Mississippi also supports a large group of civilian men and women who continue the traditions of authenticity as non-combatants and have many strong ties with other Civil War re-enacting units who share this great hobby. The Lamar Rifles regularly participate in both regional and national re-enacting events such as the Vicksburg Campaign, and the Battles of Gettysburg, Chickamuaga, and Sharpsburg. Watch for the line of dark Richmond gray in the battles - you will most likely find us leading the charge! With all elements combined, the Lamar Rifles enjoy a very strong membership, outstanding period impressions, and unexcelled esprit-de-corps and elan!

Skirmishing at Jefferson Barracks
The Lamar Rifles Skirmishing at Jefferson Barracks

Ted Klos
Ted Klos



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