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« on: April 04, 2016, 08:49:09 PM »
Another great weekend with the 11th.. I mean 10th Illinois  :D. Had a strong company around 20 men (and women). This weekend was the annual event where Monte brings some of his students for a weekend of fun. His kids were well trained and were able to brave the cold windy nights. Unlike Sacramento, the weather this weekend was superb... Sorry I had to complain again ;). Having a mix of veterans and fresh faces created a fun and interesting atmosphere. As for the re-enactment side of things, we were used primarily as skirmishers during the battles (due to our OUTSTANDING ability to navigate the field). We executed perfectly and Captain Monte served as a excellent commander. As always, I enjoyed being out in the field with good men and look forward to the next one.

To those guys who haven't made some events in a while, I urge you to attempt to get out and sit by the fire with us. Just having a good size company this weekend really makes the weekend that much better. I know life gets busy and families are important, but everyone needs to get away once in a while. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.
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Re: Warrensburg
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2016, 08:09:50 PM »
Completely agree with Brady!  I had a great time for a small event.  Weather was a bit chilly on Friday but the rest of the weekend was superb.  Being the skirmish company was very enjoyable.  I think we showed everyone there we knew what we were doing.  Mont did a great job of leading us, his students performed like true soldiers.  Great attitudes everyone of them.  Good food, warm fires and great companions. I enjoyed doing the rounds of Gripes and Glories and listening to the students give their views.  Like Brady, looking forward to the next one.

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