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Company Elected Events / Re: 155th Shiloh
« Last post by PvtEd on March 29, 2017, 06:41:00 PM »
Hey Brady.  We have 14 possible.  As always we need to count heads Saturday morning for the final word on this.  We also have 6 from the 10 TN that will be joining us pulling our number to a respectable 20.  Here is the list of our guys:

Company Elected Events / 155th Shiloh
« Last post by Pvt. Swift on February 22, 2017, 09:41:30 AM »
Do we have a head count yet for this one?
Other Events / Re: Memorial Day at JB
« Last post by Kicks on December 08, 2016, 01:04:37 PM »
I'm there

Other Events / Memorial Day at JB
« Last post by PvtEd on December 06, 2016, 10:10:48 PM »
If you don't have an annual commitment, please join us on Memorial Day Monday for a day of remembrance, fellowship and some family fun.  We have the Atkitson shelter at Jefferson Barracks Park reserved all day on May 29th.  The plan will be to meet there in the morning, gear up and go to the cemetery to take part in the parade and memorial service.  All are welcome to participate, military and civilian. Then afterwards retire back to the pavilion for some good food and games.  We are also a short distance from the Missouri Civil War Museum if it is open that day.

More details to come when the weather turns warm again.
Please Read This / Requesting a Forum Account
« Last post by LQCLamar on December 04, 2016, 10:19:05 PM »
Do not use the "Register" link from the forum login.  Your request will get lost in the hundreds of spam requests that are received every day.  Instead go to the following website and send an email to Paul Turnbull requesting a forum account.

Please introduce yourself and include the forum username that you wish to see displayed.  You will get an email with a temporary password that you can use to log on and then modify your profile and change your password.

Thank you for showing an interest in our Forum.

After Action Reports / Re: Warrensburg
« Last post by PvtEd on April 05, 2016, 08:09:50 PM »
Completely agree with Brady!  I had a great time for a small event.  Weather was a bit chilly on Friday but the rest of the weekend was superb.  Being the skirmish company was very enjoyable.  I think we showed everyone there we knew what we were doing.  Mont did a great job of leading us, his students performed like true soldiers.  Great attitudes everyone of them.  Good food, warm fires and great companions. I enjoyed doing the rounds of Gripes and Glories and listening to the students give their views.  Like Brady, looking forward to the next one.

Pvt Ed
After Action Reports / Warrensburg
« Last post by Pvt. Swift on April 04, 2016, 08:49:09 PM »
Another great weekend with the 11th.. I mean 10th Illinois  :D. Had a strong company around 20 men (and women). This weekend was the annual event where Monte brings some of his students for a weekend of fun. His kids were well trained and were able to brave the cold windy nights. Unlike Sacramento, the weather this weekend was superb... Sorry I had to complain again ;). Having a mix of veterans and fresh faces created a fun and interesting atmosphere. As for the re-enactment side of things, we were used primarily as skirmishers during the battles (due to our OUTSTANDING ability to navigate the field). We executed perfectly and Captain Monte served as a excellent commander. As always, I enjoyed being out in the field with good men and look forward to the next one.

To those guys who haven't made some events in a while, I urge you to attempt to get out and sit by the fire with us. Just having a good size company this weekend really makes the weekend that much better. I know life gets busy and families are important, but everyone needs to get away once in a while. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.
Modern Times / Napoleonic
« Last post by Dave S on April 10, 2015, 09:20:14 PM »
Found this video on Napoleonic reenacting the Battle of Borodino.  Every thing is familiar except the uniforms. I think if someone lent us the gear we would fit right in.
Camp Talk / Civil War Colorized Photographs
« Last post by CGoser on December 02, 2014, 04:08:20 PM »
This is just cool.  Take a look at color added to historic photographs.  Gives you a whole new appreciation.
After Action Reports / Pilot Knob
« Last post by PvtEd on October 03, 2014, 12:49:40 PM »
Not sure where to start.... What a great time!  Ideal weather (OK it could have been warmer at night and cooler during the day but that's getting picky).  Was a little disappointing not being allowed to get to the moat this time.  Must be worried about us knocking too much dirt into it or something.  What can you say about Saturdays hike.  Nothing, because you were out of wind not to mention water and energy.  Thought the fight at the top was one of the best we have had lately.  Would like to do it again if we could just avoid marching up and back down.   We had 18 go up, 18 in the fight, and 18 get back down.   I think we were the only company that can claim that.  We even had half a dozen get back down in time to join the main fight at the fort.  Kudos to everyone that made it over the hump.
It was so good to see so many old (figuratively and literally) faces both in the ranks and as visitors.  Rich M, what a surprise!  I'm so glad you came out.  Hope to see you again.  Dennis, it's about time you made it out.  Hope you enjoyed yourself.  Thanks for the rations you offered up.  The chicory made an interesting addition to my coffee and the green beans, well, they did get put to a good use.  Steve R, need to see you more than once every few years.  Hope you find some time to come out with us more.  Dan Stratton, always happy to see you around the campfire.  Tell Keagan we missed him and that it is more fun to come out with us than to try and meet girls. 
Ross, great job in the field and thanks for helping out moving the gear.  Keith, good to have you back.  Next time ask before skipping town.  Steve M, I feel real bad that you ended up getting sick after coming out and setting up Friday night. That sucked!  I hope your feeling better.  Dan Swift, good to see you again.  I appreciate you and Brady and Tim bringing out some fire wood.   Tim W, don't cut that beard or your hair!  (someone send me his email).  Always good to have my son out with me.  Adam called me Sunday night to remind me that he has not been voted in yet :)  Matt, great pumpkin bread.  I'm ready to vote you in based just on that!  Oh, and your a pretty good soldier too.
Dad, we miss you in the field but was happy to see you around the camp.  Every time the battalion doesn't move on the command "March" I think of you :)  Travis Smith, your a welcome addition and we'd be happy to have you out with us anytime you get this far east.  James D, thanks for the wood.  It worked well for us on Sunday morning.  Great job on the ammo boxes.  I forget to grab one!!  now if we can just design some type of contraption to mass produce cartridges.  Denny, really enjoyed seeing you again.  Great job hanging in there on Saturday and for getting back out Sunday.  If you keep buying one item at each event you'll have a whole kit in about another two years!!  But you have to keep coming out then.  Of course it would not be complete without our regulars, Dave S, Clay, Mason, Ron, Ted, Pat, Brady, Travis, and Mark.  Barry, Erin, we missed your happy faces!  Next time...
I would like to thank all the ladies, Sherri, Cathy, Jaycee, Kristy, Meagan, Sandy, Joy, and Sharron for the great food and great company and well, for just giving us something pretty to look at  ;)
William, great smores! 
Bird, Vern, and Capt. John, thanks for stopping by.  It was good to see and talk to you.  I plan to have a McGurks night sometime before the end of the year.  Hope you can make it out.
Travis and Cathy, thanks for the hospitality and refreshments on Saturday evening.  Your ceremony was nice, Clay did a great job.  Maybe he should switch professions. Good luck on the next 5, and the next, and the next.....

One of these days we will finally take that damn fort!

In attendance was:

C. Goser           P. Turnbull
T. Klos              B. Swift
R. Royer           M. Cone
J. Mueller         T. Wunderlich
D. Schroeder    K. Welch
D. Swift            T. Wray
P. McDougal      D. Barnes
J. Dougherty     M. Barkley
M. Goser           R. Mohesky
T. Smith            A. Turnbull
S. Rheinecker   R. McClenagan
D. Stratton       D. Sivcovich

One last thing.  Just wanted to pass along a "job well done" to all the men in the ranks.  The short time we spent drilling paid off.  You looked great coming onto the field Sunday afternoon and performing an almost perfect (there's always room to improve :) "On The Right by File Into Line".  The practice paid off.  Capt. Goser must have known we would use that one to pick it for our main drill maneuver.  He's smarter than we think.  Also, only after a few short minutes working on the firings, direct and oblique, they really looked sharp!  Keep that left foot planted and mind your prime position!!
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