The Lamar Rifles

Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina
March 2010


Cooking Rations in Camp

Nothing like a good smoke and a drink

Relaxing Around the Campfire

Shhhh....We're cooking wabbits on wamwods

Wooden Log Cannon

Sgt. Major Klos

Dug in and waiting on the Rebs

Here come the Johnies

Bryce Getting an Image Taken

Pvt. Welch returning fire

Someone Set Up a Trap

Co.G 11th Miss er.... Co. H 10th Ill

The Battle Begins

Another day, another trench

The Missouri State Guard Trying to Push the Home Guard Back

Thank God it's all sand

The Battle Rages On

1st Sgt. Goser and Sgt. Major Klos


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